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Cardinal Tagle: Resolve challenges on the level of faith

(Vatican Radio) In his fifth and final edition of a special 5-part Youtube series, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila, speaks about how he faces challenges in his life.

“I still have to reconcile myself with my calling to be a bishop, and now even a Cardinal, of the Church,” he said. “While many people affirm me – saying ‘you are doing well’ or ‘you are the right man for this’, et cetera– and a part of me believes in that – but this is a challenge. It seems this has not been part of my self-knowledge or my-self project!”

Cardinal Tagle told Vatican Radio overcoming the challenges of life needs the help of God, even the challenge of leadership.

“I have been resolving it on the level of faith,” he said. “It is not my merits, it is not my qualifications, but if God sees something in me through the Church, then I will obey.”


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