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The plight of Eritrean refugees in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt

On Monday Vatican Radio had the pleasure to host a human rights activist, Dr. Alganesh Fessaha, who is also the president of a Non-governmental Organisation known as GANDHI. Addressing Editors of Vatican Radio she said hundreds of refugees from Eritrea are captured by Sudanese security forces and sold to Bedouin tribesmen in the Sinai peninsula, who hold them for ransom and at the same time subject them to gruesome treatment such as torture and rape. The Non-governmental organization Gandhi was established in 2003 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It was founded by a group of private African citizens who included medical doctors, university professors, and other professionals with the aim of raising public awareness about the problem of total abandonment of children and adolescents and the plight of women. Chris Altieri spoke to Dr. Alganesh Fessaha. RealAudioMP3


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