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Catholic entrepreneur awarded for helping poor Indian children

(July 03, 2013) In India, a Catholic entrepreneur has won the 2013 Social Reformer Award for his computer science education company, which offers courses and scholarships to poor kids since 1993. Agnelo Rajesh Athaide of Mumbai says the only way to allow poor children to make progress and realise themselves in the world is to teach them the latest in technology. So he set up the St Angelo Professional Education (SAPE), the city's oldest computer education company in Mumbai. In the past 20 years, SAPE has offered courses and scholarships to young people, who want to succeed in this line of work. In recognition of his contribution to computer education, Athaide received the Social Reformer Award for his contribution in technology and management education at this year's India Leadership Conclave and Indian Affairs Business Leadership Award given on June 24th.
SAPE -Athaide's company has helped more than 300,000 students graduate in computer science and enter the workforce. He says his desire is to serve society and the nation through computer education.


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