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Catholic Bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo call upon Catholics to resist government attempts to modify the constitution

The Catholic Bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo have called on the faithful to reject attempts by the government to modify the constitution because such attempts put democracy at risk. The government recently appointed a team of experts to review the article 200 of the Constitution. The Article sets out the principles of universal suffrage, the representative nature of government, the number and length of mandates of the president, and independence of judicial power and the multiparty system. The Secretary General of the Bishops Conference, Fr. Leonard Santedi, told reporters this week that the bishops had resolved in their assembly last week that the principles provided in the article should not be subject to any constitutional revision. Last week the bishops released a statement calling upon Catholics to remain vigilant and ready to prevent any attempts to modify the key articles of the constitution. They stressed that the constitution is the fundamental law of the country and respect for it is the cornerstone of the country’s young democracy and the basis for stability.


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