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Catholic Parish attacked by Islamic militants in Egypt in reprisals aimed at revenging the removal of President Morsi from office

The Catholic Bishop of Minya in Egypt, the Rt. Rev. Botros Fahim Awad Hanna, has said a catholic parish was attacked on Wednesday evening by Islamic fundamentalists after the Egyptian army announced that Mohammed Morsi was no longer President. The fundamentalists looted the parish premises and also burnt down several buildings including the residence of the priests. They shouted slogans against Christianity. Bishop Hanna said Police failed to intervene until the army arrived. Meanwhile, the Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, has expressed support for the political roadmap announced on Wednesday night by the army after the overthrow of president Mohammed Morsi. Speaking to Fides Catholic News agency on Thursday he said it addresses the concerns of the people. He noted that Egyptians have experienced many challenges during the one year of Morsi’s rule and are not willing to go back. He, however, explained that Morsi Party, the Moslem Brotherhood, despite its contribution to the problems in the country, should not be excluded from the political scene. He warned that Christians are concerned about the aftermath of the removal of President Morsi, pointing out that they might be targeted by Islamic militants.


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