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Do not be afraid of the Renewal by the Holy Spirit: Pope Francis

Vatican City, 06 July 2013: Being a Christian "does not mean doing things, but being renewed by the Holy Spirit" said Pope Francis during Mass he celebrated on Saturday morning at Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. The Pope also pointed out that, even in the life of the Church, there are ‘ancient structures’ which are to be renewed without fear. This was Pope Francis’ last mass with the presence of groups at Santa Marta before the summer break. The Mass was attended by, among others, a group of recruits of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

Focusing on the day’s gospel where Jesus says ‘New wine in new wineskins’, Pope Francis emphasized the renewal Jesus brings. "The doctrine of the law – the Pope observed - is enriched with Jesus and that ‘Jesus makes all things new.’ The law allows you to hate the enemy, instead Jesus says to pray for him. This, then, is "the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached." A renewal "is first and foremost in our hearts" but "we think that being a Christian means" doing this or that.

But "Being a Christian means being renewed by Jesus in this new life. I am a good Christian, every Sunday, I do this as if it were a collection. But the Christian life is not a collage of things. It's a harmonious whole, and the Holy Spirit does it. You cannot be a Christian in pieces, and part-time. It’s full-time. Being a Christian does not mean the end of things, but being renewed by the Holy Spirit, or, to use the words of Jesus, become the new wine", added the Pope.

"In Christian life, even in the life of the Church, there are ancient structures: it is necessary to renew them! And the Church has always been attentive to that, through dialogue with the cultures. Always renew according to places, times and people. From the first moment, we remember the first theological battle: to become a Christian you must keep all the Jewish practice or not? They said no! The Gentiles may come as they are: nice ... come to Church and receive Baptism. A first renewal of the structure. And so the Church has always been leaving the Holy Spirit to renew these structures, structures of churches. Do not be afraid of the newness of the Gospel! Do not be afraid of the news that the Holy Spirit is in us! Do not be afraid of the renewal of the structures."
The Gospel teaches us this, said the Pope, "the freedom to find always the newness of the Gospel in us, in our lives and also in the structures." The Pope then stressed the importance of "freedom to choose for this new wineskins." And he added that a Christian is free "with that freedom" which Jesus gives.

Ask for the grace not to be afraid of the newness of the Gospel, not to be afraid of the renewal that the Holy Spirit does, do not be afraid to drop the fleeting structures that imprison us, concluded Pope Francis.
Source: VR Sedoc


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