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Dicerning our vocation and evangelisation can only be done on our knees, Pope Francis to Seminarians and Novices

The joy of consecration, the Cross and Prayer, are the reference points of Christian Mission.This is what Pope Francis told Seminarians, Novices, consecrated Lay persons and those discerning their Vocations on Sunday, when he celebrated Holy Mass with them in St. Peter’s Basilica. More than 6000 young men and women from all over the world came for a four-day pilgrimage to Rome, specifically to visit the tomb of Peter. The 4th to 7th July spiritual journey was reserved for the people in religious and priestly formation as part of the celebration of the year of faith. The pilgrimage gave them a chance to reflect and pray on their vocations, which they did in more than a dozen of Rome’s Churches and Basilicas. The climax of the event was Holy Mass on Sunday presided over by Pope Francis, who in his homily reminded them that to discern our vocation and evangelization can only be done on our knees. The holy Father prayed that Mary help the young people in formation to bear witness to the joy of God’s consolation, to conform themselves to the logic of love of the Cross, and to grow in ever deeper union with the Lord. You can hear more about Pope Francis the mass with seminarians from Tracey McClure. RealAudioMP3


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