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Pope Francis in Lampedusa on Monday

Pope Francis will travel to the Island town of Lampedusa in south Italy on Monday 8th July to pay homage to the migrants that die in high seas as they try to get to main land Italy.
Talking to Journalist at the Vatican on Thursday, the secretary of Pope Francis , Alfred Xuereb, said the Holy father’s visit will highlight the fact that while there are wealthy, wasteful people in the North, there are people who come to us in search of a better life but instead are often greeted with death.
The journey to Lampedusa, an immigration centre that is notorious for its overcrowded conditions, will be the holy Father’s first trip as Pope outside Rome.
Giulia Cirillo is a specialist in Gender studies and She visited Lampedusa recently. She spoke to Linda Bordoni about her experience on the Island. RealAudioMP3


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