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Vatican announces indulgences for World Youth Day

10 July 2013: To help encourage prayers for a spiritually fruitful World Youth Day –WYD, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that runs from July 23-28, the Vatican announced on Tuesday, that Pope Francis has authorized a special indulgence for those who attend the event's liturgies and prayer services, or follow along online in the proper spirit of prayer and contrition. Pope Francis decreed that WYD participants can receive the plenary, or full indulgence, if they meet the usual conditions. An indulgence is a remission of the temporal punishment a person is due for sins that have been forgiven. The conditions necessary for receiving a plenary indulgence include having recently gone to confession, receiving the Eucharist and offering prayers for the intentions of the pope. The decree also said - those who cannot be physically present in Rio, may also obtain the indulgence, as long as they meet the same prayerful and sacramental conditions, as well as participate in spirit in the sacred liturgies and prayer services via television, radio or the new means of social communication. The decree was signed by Cardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro, head of the Vatican office that deals with indulgences. The cardinal also asked priests around the world to make themselves available to hear the confessions of those who want the indulgence and to encourage public prayers for the success of World Youth Day. The pope is set to hear the confessions of some of the young pilgrims in Rio's Quinta da Boa Vista Park July 26.


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