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Blessed John Paul II: prayer and priestly life

(Vatican Radio) On Friday 5th of July Pope Francis announced the canonisation of Blessed John Paul II together with that of Blessed John XXIII.
Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was elected as Successor of Peter on the 16th October 1978 and died on the 2nd of April 2005 .

To mark this occasion Veronica Scarisbrick brings you a feature focusing on the prayer life of Blessed John Paul II. Often described as a Carmelite at heart, his prayer life was inseparable from his priestly vocation as he himself liked to tell people : "I am first and foremost a priest". Thus reminding them how privileged he was to have this vocation because it allowed him to preside at the Church's most important prayer of all: the Celebration of the Eucharist .
Among those to witness his intense prayer life first hand was the chief organizer of almost all of his journeys abroad, Cardinal Roberto Tucci. In this feature the Cardinal shares with us his memories in an interview with Veronica Scarisbrick recorded a few years before Pope John Paul II passed away.
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