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Uganda remembers the victims of the terrorist attacks of 2010

On Thursday the people of Uganda remembered the death of 76 soccer fans who were killed in two coordinated terrorist attacks in the capital, Kampala, in 2010 as they watched the final match of the world cup. The Somali-based al-Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying they were punishing the government of Uganda for sending peace-keepers to Somalia. Seventeen suspects, majority of them foreigners, were arrested and are still on trial. They face three counts of terrorism, 76 counts of murder and 10 counts of attempted murder. As the country prepared to mark the third anniversary of the attack, police warned the public to be alert. They advised the population to report any suspected characters to the security agencies. The Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, said the fight against terrorists requires the cooperation of everybody. Terrorists, he said, can live with the population quietly waiting for the right moment to strike. For that reason any suspicious character should be reported as soon as possible.
In another development, Police in Uganda have arrested an Indian national Professor, Vasudev Chaturvedi, who is the vice president of Krishna Institute of Medical Services in India, a Ugandan military officer, Lt. Col. John Kundu Wangusi, and a student of Makerere University, Christopher Ogwal, for organ and human trafficking. They are accused of taking a 22-year old young man to India whom they fed on drugs and then removed one of his kidneys. According to police the victim was introduced to the military officer by the student at Makerere University. The military officer then introduced him to the Indian professor who promised to pay ten thousand US dollars for the kidney. However, when the kidney was removed the victim was transported back to Uganda, but was not paid the agreed sum of money. That was why he reported the matter to the police. A police Medical officer told court that he examined the victim and found that one of his kidneys had been removed. Organ and human trafficking are illegal in Uganda.


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