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Fighting resumes in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Reports from the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo say fighting has resumed in North Kivu province and along the border with Rwanda and Uganda, as the deployment of the United Nations Special intervention brigade proceeds. The Mayi-Mayi militia attacked the United Nations peacekeepers this week in Kanyaruchinya, near Goma, and went ahead also to attack the M23 rebels who have a detach in the neighbourhood. Eyewitnesses said four civilians were killed and may more were wounded in the two attacks. Meanwhile at the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, Ugandan rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces who are fighting to overthrow the government of Uganda, on Thursday carried out an attack against Congolese government forces in the town of Kamango and took control of it for several hours before they withdrew. Local authorities told reporters on Friday that the rebels took nine hostages with them including the local police commander, a local chief and a journalist working with a local FM radio station. The residents said some of the fighters spoke Arabic, confirming earlier reports by the north Kivu provincial governor that Somali Al Shabaab Islamic militants had crossed into the east of Congo to help the Allied Democratic Forces fight against the UN special brigade whose deployment is considered a threat. Intelligence sources said on Friday that Al shabaab fighters have been crossing into Congo through Burundi and have already taken control of some areas over the past days. According to Western Diplomatic sources in Kinshasa, there are 120 armed rebel groups operating in the east of the country, some fighting against the government and others fighting neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.


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