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Government of Central African Republic begins disarming Seleka troops

Reports from the Central African Republic say the interim government, acting out of pressure from the international community, has started disarming Seleka troops in the capital. Bangui. A Carmelite missionary working in the country but whose names must remain anonymous for security reasons, confirmed to Vatican radio that the disarmament process had started but that it was very slow. Some of the troops had disappeared with their uniforms and weapons. The disarmament is led by the peacekeepers from the economic community of Central African States. The missionary said the interim government is committed to peace and law and order. Unfortunately, Seleka is an umbrella of several groups that do not recognize any central authority. The Seleka troops have killed many civilians and also looted private and public property. The Churches in the country have suffered enormous damage at the hands of the Seleka troops who have looted parishes, missions, schools and health facilities.


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