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Volunteers dedicated to helping pilgrims with special needs at the World Youth Day arrive in Brazil

The organisers of the World Youth Day in Brazil have announced that more than 200 World Youth Day volunteers will be dedicated to helping pilgrims with special needs during the event in Rio de Janeiro. Pilgrims with audio, visual, intellectual and mobility deficiencies will have a special place at the front of the main celebrations so that they can participate and not be mere spectators. Special structures have been prepared for disabled pilgrims at the venues of the main events. These include special bathrooms and food stands. A team of mechanics will be on hand at the vigil site in case of wheelchair malfunctions. Areas reserved for pilgrims with disabilities will be marked by a tall pole with the universal disability access symbol. The World Youth Day is scheduled to start on 23rd and end on 28th this month. One of the pilgrims will be Pope Francis.


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