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10 days to go for WYD, Rio waits for Pope Francis: Card. Rylko

Vatican City, 13 July 2013: In Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, truly exists an atmosphere of great expectations for the visit of the Holy Father and for the World Youth Day, said Cardinal Stanisław Ryłko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. He was speaking to Vatican Radio on his return from Rio de Janeiro, where he had gone to see the final preparations for the World Youth Day scheduled for July 23 to 28.
Each WYD surprises us with joy and hope it brings, and that not only communicates to the whole Church, but to the whole world. Of course, in Brazil, the great expectation is for the visit of Pope Francis - the first Latin American Pope - who has already won the hearts of all of us, added the Cardinal.

When asked about the current stage of preparations for World Youth Day, Cardinal Rylko said that he is very impressed by the generosity and intelligence execution of those engaged in the preparations, adding that it is truly an unparalleled event which is truly a global or Catholic event. The gathering in Rio carioca affects not only the city, but the entire Church in Brazil, and is preceded, in fact, the so-called "Missionary Week", during which young people from different countries will be able to visit most of the Dioceses Brazilian and thus make their witness of faith.

He said that the place prepared for Mass of World Youth Day in Rio is much larger than Cuatro Vientos in Madrid, and that he would not be surprised if he meets more than two million young people in Rio.

When asked about the recent Social protests of people, Cardinal Rylko said that at present, the general climate throughout the country is calm. The Federal Government and the state government of Rio assure us that they will do everything possible to ensure that the World Youth Day and the visit of Pope Francis take place in a calm and undisturbed manner.Source: VR Ita


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