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Pope Sends Letter to Argentine Musician in Prison

Buenos Aires, 13 July 2013: Pope Francis answered a letter from former singer Patricio Santos Fontanet of Buenos Aires, which began: “Pato, I received the letter you sent me three days ago. Thank you for your gesture …,” reported the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarin on Thursday. Estefania Miguel, wife of the singer, said that: “This gesture of Francis filled my heart and gave me the strength to fight for the truth.” “I read the complete text to him on the telephone and he was surprised, because he had written the Pope but he never thought he would answer him,” added the young woman, overcome by the Supreme Pontiff’s answer.

The letter, to which the Clarin newspaper had exclusive access, was written on June 13 and has 13 lines divided into three paragraphs.

“I want to say to you that, although far away, I’m close to you and the band, as if listening from a distance what they feel and say. I would like to be closer to support you better,” answered Pope Francis.

In the second paragraph of the letter, the Holy Father writes to the leader of the “Almost Social Justice” musical group the following: “I don’t want to give you advice because, at present, you don’t need it: you are a man who knows well what has to be done and how to do it. I’m confident of this.” And he continues: “You will have days of discouragement, but don’t be afraid. Everything passes. Be strong.”

The daily recalls that Fontanet was sentenced to seven years in prison for the Cromanon discotheque tragedy in Buenos Aires in which, due to a fire and lack of emergency doors, 194 people died.

“When you are free and more sensible, count on me for anything I can help you with,” he said to the rock artist.

The Pope says farewell asking him “when you are able, please pray for me. A hug. Fraternally, Jorge (Francis). “

At present the musician is in the psychiatric ward of the Ezeiza prison, in the province of Buenos Aires, where he is continuing his psychic treatment after suffering a nervous breakdown around December of last year. The Pope’s answer arrived in a brown envelope with five stamps with Jesus’ image.Source: Zenit.org


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