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Pope Francis visits Castel Gandolfo for the Sunday Midday Angelus prayer

RealAudioMP3 For a Christian, life is not the product of mere chance, but the fruit of a call and personal love. This was Pope Francis message in his Tweet on Sunday, the day that he visited the Papal Summer Residence of Castel Gandolfo, on the Albany hills in the southern outskirts of Rome.
The Holy father on Sunday morning left the Vatican by car around 9:00 O’clock, and thirty minutes later the faithful, led by the bishop of Albano, Mons. Marcello Semeraro, and the Mayor of castel Gandolfo, Madam Milvia Monachesi welcomed Him when he arrived at the Papal Villa on the Albany hill. The 15th Century patron of the sick, Saint Camillo, the forthcoming papal trip to Brazil for the World Youth Day and the Xtians in Ukrain, were the main thrusts of Pope Francis reflection when he prayed the angelus with the pilgrims that gathered in the courtyard of the papal residence. Filipa Hitchen has this report.


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