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The Ecumenical Community of taize at the Rio 2013 World Youth Day

This year , like in the other previous years, the ecumenical community of Taize in France will take part at the WYD in Rio de Janeiro, which begins in a couple of days. A communique released last week by the community that was founded by Br. Roger, said the Taize delegation will be given some days, especially during the missionary week of the programme, when they can help to animate the activities of the youth encounter with its typical prayers, songs and melodies. Br. Alois, the successor of Br. Roger, will also attend the world youth day in Rio de Janeor from 22 to 28th July.The American bishops have also sepcificall y invited the brothers of the Taize community take charge and annimate the vigil of 25th July which will be open to all English speaking pilgrims.


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