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World Council of Churches prays for and encourages a peaceful and inclusive transformation in Egypt

Egypt needs a peaceful and inclusive transformation in its political process. The World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit shared these views in his letter to the WCC member churches in Egypt on 9 July, in which he expressed“deep concern” over the escalation of violence in the country. With mass demonstrations before and after the ousting of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, several people have been killed and injured during the last few weeks, according to media reports.
Together with the WCC member churches in Egypt, Tveit said, “we are praying for a peaceful and inclusive transitional process, in which all parties will work together to form a government that will lead the country to stability, justice and peace.
He added that the WCC strongly supports efforts of the churches in Egypt, working together with their Muslim partners, other political parties and civil society organizations, to facilitate peace building through a reconciliation and healing process on the national level. Tveit also expressed confidence in the Egyptian people who are claiming dignity, freedom and equality as they seek peaceful ways to reach these common goals while respecting political and religious diversity.


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