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African Union to hold summit on Zimbabwe elections on Friday, July 19th

The President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has told a political rally in the town of Marondera that the African Union has notified him that it will convene a summit on Zimbabwe this coming Friday, after it received a petition from the Movement for Democratic Change seeking the delay of the general elections scheduled for 31st this month. He said the polls will go on as planned whatever the outcome of the African Union summit. The Movement for Democratic Change says the elections cannot be held before the reforms stated in the new constitution are in place. These include the updating of the voters’ register, invitation of election observers, appointment and training of Election officials and the redrawing of the constituencies. The party petitioned the Southern African Development Community last month to put pressure on Mugabe to delay the elections which it did but the country’s constitutional court ruled this month that the polls should be held as scheduled. Meanwhile, the African Union has announced that it will be sending an observer team of sixty people lead by former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, to monitor the elections in Zimbabwe.


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