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Pope Francis Visits pope emeritus Benedict XVI

Vatican City, 20 July 2013: Pope Francis asked Pope emeritus Benedict XVI to accompany with prayer on his trip to Brazil and the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. The Pontiff visited the Pope emeritus on Friday evening, a Vatican communique revealed.

During the short visit, Pope Francis asked him to accompany in the coming days with the spiritual closeness and prayers on his next trip to Brazil and the young people gathered for the World Day Youth in Rio de Janeiro, that day had been convened and proclaimed by Pope Benedict.
Pope Francis has given him the program booklet of the journey, so that he can participate spiritually, and, if he likes, can follow the broadcasts of various events. He also made the homage of the commemorative medal prepared for the journey. Benedict XVI assured his prayer, remembering the intense experiences of the past and wonderful world meetings with young people in Cologne, Sydney and Madrid.
The meeting between the Popes began with a moment of prayer in the Chapel and continued with a friendly interview lasted about half an hour, the communique added.
Source: VR Sedoc


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