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Sant'Egidio community's president, Marco Impagliazzo, visits the the great lakes region

The president of the Sant’ egidio Community, Marco Impagliazzo, is visiting the communities in the great lakes region. In Partcular, Impagliazzo is in Burundu, Rundu and Kivu in the DRC. The Website of Saint’ egidio community says he is specifically in the region to get a first hand feel of the situation there and get a deeper understanding of the worjk for peace for the countries that are still troubled by tribal tensions and fighting.
Already in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, Impagliazzo has had meetings with authorities from at least seven cities and a delegation from Rwanda and Uvira in the DRC. In Goma, where the Saint’egidio community has opened a school for the children of refugees, Impagliazzo has particularly encouraged the work to support the suffering population, in a place where conflict is getting worse.


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