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WYD: The Jesuit Pope and the Jesuit Post

(Vatican Radio) One of the new media projects making waves at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro is ‘Magis’, a programme run by young Brazilian Jesuits in collaboration with the innovative U.S. based website The Jesuit Post. The head of Vatican Radio’s English Programme, Sean-Patrick Lovett, sat down with Fr Sam Sawyer, assistant editor of The Jesuit Post, to find out the secret of its success and what it’s like to follow the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Church…..

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What we try to do is connect faith and pop culture, faith and current events and what we're trying to say through our website, facebook page and Twitter feed is that the world looks bigger and more interesting through the eyes of faith, not smaller and more constrained....

Through the lens of Jesuit formation, we recognise some of (Pope Francis') ways of being attentive, in conversation with people....the authenticity of the lived relationship with God which comes through so vibrantly.....that kind of freedom is what we're called to as Jesuits and in Francis we see it in full flower....

There seems to be a new hope and liveliness...that Francis is making life in the Church interesting and believable again, there seems to be great engagement with that, great hope...."


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