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Betania centre: offering a new life for Rio's addicts

(Vatican Radio) On Wednesday evening Pope Francis visits the Saint Francis of Assisi hospital where he will inaugurate a hospital wing specializing in the treatment of those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Among those present at the meeting with the Holy Father will be 10 recovering addicts from the inner-city Betania centre, in the favela known as the “City of God.” As many as 1,700 people have received treatment at the centre over the last 13 years.
Carlos Melo is the Assistant director at the Betania centre. He spoke with our on-the-ground correspondent Seàn Patrick Lovett about the important work that they do:

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"Betania is a place where we care for people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs......unfortunately because of ther addiction they lose everything they had - their family, dignity, documents, everything, so on the streets they're like beggars.
They ask us for our help so they live with us for at least 9 months, they have a lot of activities - handcrafts, working in the kitchen, the laundry - and they learn to get their lives back again......"


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