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Mexican police kill over 20 drug cartel gunmen

(Vatican Radio) Mexican Security Forces, have shot dead more than 20 drug cartel gunmen during a series of clashes in the Western State of Michocan. James Blears has the details.

"The latest trouble plaging Michocan, started on Monday. Hundreds of people in the town of Los Reyes, weary from the intimidation, extortion and murder of the Knights Templar drug cartel, took to the streets and demonstrated. The cartel's reaction was swift and murderous. Their gunmen opened fire, killing five people.
Violence has since extended, with major highways and bridges being blocaded with blazing stolen vehicles. Security Forces who went to clear them, were met with attempted ambushes. Resulting firefights have left more than 20 gunmen dead, two Police Officers have been killed and 15 Police Officers have been wounded.
In May, President Enrique Peña Nieto sent an Army General to try and quell the activities of the Knights Templar. This latest show of force from them, has been met with a decisive and crushing response. "

Listen to James Blear's report (full text above): RealAudioMP3


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