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Bishop Gilbert of Aberdeen at WYD: Every heart desires to see God

(Vatican Radio) One of the highlights of World Youth Day is the catechesis given around the host city by bishops from around the world. These talks are given in several different languages, including English.

“The theme was given to us: It is the theme throughout the city today on ‘Thirsting for Hope and Thirsting for God’,” said Bishop Hugh Edward Gilbert, OSB, of Aberdeen in Scotland. “So I spoke about the desire that is in every human heart to see the face of God, and how the Revelation given that is given us by God through Christ answers that desire, so I was really speaking on the subject of desire, longing, the dissatisfaction in the human being that there is, and how that dissatisfaction does not condemn us to misery but is what opens us to the Revelation of God he brings in Christ.”

Bishop Gilbert was speaking to young people at the parish of San Giuda in Rio de Janeiro.

“They come because of the thirst in them to know Christ better. They already know him in some way, but they wish to know him better,” he told Vatican Radio. “Yes, that is the same thirst provoked in us by the Holy Spirit, surely.”

Listen to the interview by Sean-Patrick Lovett with Bishop Gilbert: RealAudioMP3


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