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Pope Francis mourns the victims of the Spanish train accident

Pope Francis is praying for the victims and families of the 77 people who have died in a train derailment near the Spanish pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday evening. The words of the Holy See press office director , Fr. Federico Lombardi, when he addressed a press conference on Wednesday evening. Lombardi announced that the Pope was informed of the tragic accident, which “deeply moved” him. Fr. Lombardi also asked the journalists present to observe one minute of silence for the victims of Spain’s deadliest train crash since 1972. The Holy Father on Thursday sent a telegramme of condolences to the authorities in Spain, expressing his personal closeness to the victims and the bereaved families.
Cardinal Antonio María Rouco, emeritus archbishop Santiago de Compostela, called the Pope to inform him about the sad news because he felt terrible about it and “wanted to talk to the Pope with all his heart,” Fr. Lombardi said. The city has also canceled the festivities for the Feast of St. James, which is the most important feast of the year for the archdiocese and the region.
The Associated Press reported that 73 people were found dead at the scene of the accident and four have died in hospitals. Out of the 218 passengers141 were injured in the accident. The incident occurred at 8:41 p.m. on Wednesday evening when the train was about three or four kilometers (2 miles) away from the Santiago de Compostela station, according to a July 25 statement from the train operator Renfe


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