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60th anniversary of Korean War Armistice

(Vatican Radio) North and South Korea today marked 60 years since the armistice that ended the Korean War. They marked the day separately, with the North mounting one of its biggest military parades in recent years.

In the North Korean capital, hundreds of thousands of military personnel and ordinary citizens took part in choreographed displays for the nation's leaders and for foreign media. The parade apparently aimed to display support for the Communist state. As jets flew overhead trucks hauled large-sized missiles into view.

North Korea's leader, Ki Jong-eun, took the salute. Last year, he addressed the crowd during a similar parade. This time, there was no speech. He was seen only talking to aides and to a guest, China's vice-president.

Those two nations were allies during the Korean War, which halted with an armistice. Despite talk of replacing that with a peace deal, North and South Korea have never made significant progress towards it.

Meanwhile, in South Korea's capital celebrations with traditional dancers and musicians. The nation's president said the peace between North and South Korea is the world's longest-lasting truce.

And, Park geun-hye said, if North Korea does the right thing, the South will "expand exchanges and cooperation." She urged North Korea give up its nuclear work.

Listen to Alastair Wanklyn’s full report: RealAudioMP3


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