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Pope Francis invites Bishops, Priests, Religious and Seminarians at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to treasure their Vocations

In the next 36 hours the World Youth Day taking place in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro will conclude with the celebration of Holy Mass Holy mass presided over by Pope Francis. Over 1.5 million youth and organisers of the event will take part in the liturgy. On Saturday morning the Pope celebrated mass with the Bishops, priests, religious and seminarians present at the World Youth Day celebrations. The liturgy took place at the cathedral of Rio de Janeiro. The pope invited them to treasure their vocations and to proclaim the risen Christ without fear. Tracey McLure has the details. RealAudioMP3

Meanwhile, on Friday evening the Holy Father participated in the Way of the Cross organized and led by the youth at the beach of Copacabana. Sean Patrick Lovett was there and he sent the following report. RealAudioMP3
In a related development, on Friday during the day the pope had lunch with twelve youth who represented four continents, that is, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Unfortunately, although over one thousand youth from Africa are taking part in the World Youth Day events at Rio de Janeiro, Africa was not represented at the lunch. Sean Patrick Lovett talked to three of the youth who had lunch with the Holy Father. RealAudioMP3


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