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Fear not and be generous with Christ! Pope Francis challenges the youth

Pope Francis on Sunday celebrated the concluding Holy Mass of the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. In his Homily the holy father told the 3000 000 plus youth present that it was time to go and to pass on this experience to others. The pope’s message during the Mass that took place on the Copacabana beach front focused on the theme that was chosen to run through the weeklong World Youth Day celebrations: “Go and make disciples of all nations. At the end of his homily Pope Francis challenged the youth to follow his teaching that he had summed up in three points, Follow these three ideas – the Holy father concluded – you will experience the joy of faith. So: “go home and do not be afraid to be generous with Christ, adding that Both the Church and the pope are counting on you! Suzy Hodges has these details.


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