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Pope Francis returns to the Vatican after the World Youth Day celebrations in Brazil

Pope Francis arrived in the Vatican on Monday morning after seven days in Brazil where he participated in the celebrations of the World Youth Day in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before going to the Vatican the holy father visited the Basilica of St. Mary Major in rome to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary for the success of the World Youth Day. Meanwhile, on the flight to Rome he addressed reporters who were travelling with him and answered a wide range of questions from them. Philippa Hitchen has the details. RealAudioMP3
Before leaving Brazil Pope Francis was accompanied to the airport by the country’s vice president, Michel Temer and Archbishop Orani Tempesta of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the other civil and ecclesiastical representatives. In his farewell address, the Holy Father thanked the people of Brazil for their warm welcome and encouraged them, and the pilgrims of World Youth Day, to build up a civilization based on charity. John Baptist Tumusiime filed the following report. RealAudioMP3


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