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Pope’s General prayer intention for August

31 July 2013: The General Prayer intention for the month of August is that parents and teachers may help the new generation to grow in upright conscience and life.
The Pope says that true education begins first of all in the family, since parents are the first educators. The family is the primary cell of society. It is in the family that children learn the human and Christian values of solidarity between the generations, respect for rules, forgiveness, and how to welcome others. The Pope says we are living in a world, where families and life itself are constantly threatened; working conditions, which are often incompatible with family responsibilities, worries about the future, the frenetic pace of life, the need to move frequently to ensure an adequate livelihood. All these difficulties make it hard to ensure that children receive one of the most precious of treasures – the presence of their parents - a presence that makes it possible to share more deeply in the journey of life. The Pope prayed that parents encourage children by their good examples to put their hope before all else in God, the source of authentic justice and peace.
Stating that those in charge of educational institutions also have a great responsibility, the Pope urged them to teach children to savour the joy which comes from the daily exercise of charity and compassion towards others, and take an active part in the building of a more humane and fraternal society. He urged educators to reassure families that their children can receive an education that does not conflict with their consciences and religious principles.


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