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Catholic Bishops in Egypt rejects claims by the Moslem Brotherhood that Christians planned the removal of President Morsi

The Catholic Bishop of Minya in Egypt, the Rt. Rev. Botros Fahim Awad Hanna has called upon the Moslem Brotherhood to stop using Christians as scapegoats for its political failures. Speaking on Thursday in Minya to a Catholic News Agency he said the deposed Moslem Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, was removed from power by a popular uprising in which both Moslems and Christians participated. The issue was because he failed to reorganize the economy and to recognize that Egypt is a multi-religious country which cannot be governed using fundamentalist Islamic principles. On July 3rd when the army announced the president’s removal, the Orthodox Coptic Church Pope, Tawadros II was present. Now the Moslem Brotherhood claims that the orthodox Coptic church was the planner of the uprising that removed Morsi and have termed the new government the Military Republic of Tawadros. Bishop Hanna rejected this theory of Christian conspiracy and expressed concerns that it might be used to justify future terrorism against Christians. He said Christian leaders have learn of plans by members of the Moslem Brotherhood to attack churches, priests, the religious and the lay faithful when the demonstrations are contained by the authorities. Members of the Moslem Brotherhood have been demonstrating in Cairo and other cities since the removal of Morsi.


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