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President of Brazil signs Law legalising Abortion

Reports from Brazil say four days after Pope Francis left the country, President Dilma Rousseff signed a law that allows the distribution of an abortion-causing drug in the country’s public health care system. The law requires health care centers in Brazil to administer the drug also known as the morning-after pill to women who say they have been raped up to 72 hours after the crime. Supporters of abortion in Brazil praised President Rousseff for what they described as her courage to help women who are victims of sexual violence. The pro-life movement in the country, however, condemned the President pointing out that by signing the law she had authorized the killing of innocent unborn children. Before the Pope arrived in the country on July 23rd, for the World Youth Day celebrations, there were rumours that President Rousseff had delayed the signing of the law to avoid condemnation by the Bishops who attended the World Youth Day. One bishop had said the President should not shake the hand of Pope Francis after signing that law. During a World Youth Day catechesis session on July 26, a Brazilian Bishop by the names of Antonio Marchiori warned the pilgrims gathered there to be on alert for the imminent legalization of abortion in the country. The Catholic Church condemns abortion because it takes away human life. Basing itself on the commandment Thou shall not kill, the Church teaches that life should be protected from conception to natural death, and any authority who signs a law legalizing abortion directly participates in the killing of the innocent children who are aborted as a result of that law.


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