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Pope Francis invites families in Brazil to defend human life and to teach the faith to children

The national week for the family promoted by the Brazil Catholic Bishops Conference opened in Brazil on Monday with the theme: the transmission and education of the Christian faith in the Family. The Bishops have issued a statement stating that the family is one of the important treasures and patrimonies of humanity. They invite Parish priests to promote initiatives aimed at putting the family in the forefront. On Monday, Pope Francis sent a message to the families in Brazil encouraging parents in this noble mission and inviting them to be the first collaborators of God in the fundamental orientation of existence and in guaranteeing a good future. For this reason, he said, it is important that parents cultivate common practices of faith in the family which accompany the maturation of the faith of their children. He reminded the parents that they are called to pass on with words, but especially, with what they do, the fundamental truths about life and human love. In particular at this time when human life is under attack, the parents are asked to provide their children with the knowledge that life must always be defended from the moment of conception, recognizing it as a gift of God and the guarantee of the future of humanity. The Pope asked the families also to be at the forefront in promoting care for the elderly, especially the grandparents, who are the living memory of a people and who convey the wisdom of life.


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