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The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection in Zambia calls for a Referendum to seal the ongoing Constitutional making Process

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection in Zambia has called on President Michael Sata to call for a referendum in the ongoing Constitution making process. Speaking at a Yes campaign workshop in Lusaka on Tuesday, the Director of the Centre, Fr. Leonard Chiti, asked government to appoint the Referendum Committee that will table referendum related matters before the new Constitution is made available to the people of Zambia. The purpose of the referendum is to out if the people agree with what the constitution represent or not; but they cannot decide if they are not well informed about its content. Fr. Chiti reminded the participants that during his first speech in Parliament, President Sata assured the general public of coming up with the people-driven constitution and that during the presidential race the president had campaigned on a platform aimed at delivering the best Constitution once voted into office. Fr. Chiti called for the sensitisation of the people on the importance of being involved in national matters such as the referendum.


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