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Army officer behind Political Instability in Guinea Bissau says he will not retire from the Army despite pressure from the International Community

The senior military officer at the centre of Guinea-Bissau's political instability, General Antonio Ndjai, has said he will not retire or resign from the army despite pressure from his country and from the international community. Addressing a security conference in Bissau on Thursday, he warned those who are pushing for his resignation to go slow. Last year he overthrew an interim government when the country was preparing for a second round of the presidential election. Before this he had played a key role in army mutinies in 1999, 2003 and 2004, after which he retreated to the background to allow general elections in 2005. He is suspected to have plotted the killing of President Joao Bernardo Vieira and army chief of staff Gen. Batista Tagme Na Wai. The international community and the regional Orgainsations are pressing for the reform of the Army which means disbanding the existing army and creating a new one without him and his close military officers. The General is not sure of what will be his future. He is on the US list of wanted drug criminals. His close friend and colleague former head the Navy, Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto, was captured in April this year by US forces and has been charged in the US with drug trafficking. Referring to that capture on Thursday, General Ndjai denied he was aiding drug trafficking to Europe and the United States, and said he would kill himself should the Americans or their allies attempt to capture him.


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