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Government of Somalia calls upon Doctors Without Borders not to withdraw from the Country

The government of Somalia has asked the Charity, Doctors Without Borders, to reconsider its planned withdrawal from the country. The call comes after the group announced on Wednesday that it was pulling out of Somalia because of attacks on its staff. It accuses the government and Al Shabaab Islamic militants of killing, assaulting and abduction of its aid workers. In the last 20 years 16 members of its staff have been killed in Somalia. Somalia’s Minister for Human Development and Public Services, Dr. Maryan Qasim, said on Thursday that the pulling out of the charity would directly affect the lives of thousands of helpless people and could lead to a humanitarian crisis. He acknowledged the security challenges the Charity is facing in Somalia and promised that government was committed to finding feasible solutions. In the last 20 years Doctors without Borders has offered free medical care to thousands of displaced Somalis.


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