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Papal representative speaks in Vietnam about human rights

August 16, 2013 - Vietnamese Catholics "are a minority" in the country, but they can make a decisive contribution to the development of the nation by promoting "a true freedom of religion and conscience" as well as "basic Human Rights", which every nation in the world "has the duty to respect." This was the exhortation to the Vietnamese faithful by Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, the non-resident representative of the Holy See to Vietnam, in the course of a three-day visit to the country. The Vatican diplomat, who is based in Singapore, visited Aug. 10 to 12 the diocese of Vinh Long, Long Xueyn and other areas of the Mekong Delta. The Catholics regarded the papal representative's visit as a sign of the love of Jesus for them. Archbishop Girelli invited the faithful to pray and carry out charitable works following the example of Abraham "who obeyed the call of God." In the Communist country where Catholics are just 10% and are often victims of persecution, abuses or violations of religious freedom, the papal representative underscored the commitment to "the promotion of a true freedom of religion and conscience", as they are "the fundamental rights of every human being, which every nation in the world has he duty to comply." (Source: AsiaNews)


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