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Raoul Follereau - The Friend and Advocate of Leprosy Patients

Saturday August 17th will be the 110th anniversary of the birth of Raoul Follereau, who is regarded as an ambassador of the poor and people who suffer from Leprosy or Hansen’s Disease. On his travels to North Africa, for the first time in the 1930s, he came face to face with leprosy and leprosy patients. That experience marked Raoul Follereau so much so that from then on, he became the spokesperson for all leprosy patients worldwide. The Frenchman founded the first World Leprosy Day in 1954. Since then, this day has been commemorated every last Sunday in January, in more than 150 countries. The Philatelic Bureau of the Vatican City State is completing the commemorative stamp of the 110 anniversary of his birth, to be issued in early November in Paris.


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