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Let there be peace and reconciliation in Egypt, Pope Francis

Pope Francis has appealed for peace, reconciliation and dialogue in Egypt. The Vatican on Saturday said that the Holy Father continues to follow with growing preoccupation, the sad developments from Egypt, and continues to pray for the cessation of violence, and chose to dialogue and reconcile.
This is according to a communique released on Saturday morning by the deputy director of the Holy See press office, Fr. Ciro Benedettini. During the midday angelus prayer of the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Pope Francis launched an appeal of peace for Egypt, assuring his prayers for the victims, their families, the injured and all those that are suffering because of the ongoing crisis.
The Muslim Brotherhood have called for a week of protests across Egypt starting Saturday. The call came a day after more than 100 people died in clashes between Islamists and the security forces that pushed the country ever closer to anarchy. On Wednesday a crack-down on protest camps left at least 638 people dead. Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators say they will not back down until President Morsi is reinstated after his ouster by the army.
Father Rafic Greiche is the spokesman for the Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Egypt. He spoke to us about how the Pope’s words have been received by the communities in Cairo. RealAudioMP3


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