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Pope ‘s visit to Korea could lead to peace with North: Korean bishop

21 Aug. 2013: A visit by Pope Francis to Korea would be a huge boost to missionary action, not only for the Korean Church but for all Asian Churches, said Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik of Daejeon, South Korea. The prelate said it would also be a boost to talks for the reunification of the peninsula. " The Korean bishop made the remarks on his return from Brazil, where he took part in World Youth Day and a meeting with the bishops of the Focolare movement. He said some 51 bishops from all over the world spent ten intense days of meditation and talk on this year's topic 'Love each other', as well as on what the pope said in Rio de Janeiro. Above all, we reflected on the relevance of the Church in today's world, a notion that cannot be relegated to the background, especially at a time like this," he added.
The Korean Bishop also said South Korea "has already invited the Pope, both the Bishops' Conference and the government. Pope Francis has thanked them for the invitation and explained that next year's timetable has not yet been set. The Bishop was confident that the Pope will come. Such a visit would even make non-Catholics happy as "All Koreans view positively Pope Francis. Even the national media cover his activities with real interest”, he added.
Source: Asianews


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