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Card. Sandri: Mutual Coexistence only way for Egypt

August 22, 2013: The Congregation for the Oriental Churches is "following with great concern the plight of Egypt, sharing the prayer of the Holy Father Francis for the victims and those who continue to suffer the severe consequences of the developments of the ongoing bloody conflict in Egyptian society." This was stated by Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, prefect of the department, in a statement released to L'Osservatore Romano newspaper, Wednesday.

"In union with the Pope," the cardinal hopes for the country launching of "that dialogue and reconciliation and consolidation of the same, that will lead to the restoration of civil peace, the resumption of social life, and much of the reconstruction of the areas affected by the events."

Expressing "fraternal closeness" to the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II and to his community, Cardinal addresses "a special thought 'within the Catholic Copts, led by patriarch Ibrahim Sidrak, with his predecessor, Cardinal Antonios Naguib, and the bishops, to the priests and all the faithful of the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Latin in Egypt: "The Lord - he says - to supports them in trying so hard for the whole nation, comforts those who suffer in body and spirit, especially the innocent, and admitting into her peace the many victims. Their tears are the tears of all the Eastern Churches throughout the world. "

The cardinal invited especially to keep alive the hope that "Egypt will experience a fruitful spring of humanity and freedom, especially religious, living in justice and solidarity, thanks to the responsible contribution of all its inhabitants." Hence the appeal to "the dignity of the individual are safeguarded and communities that enrich admirable in a tangle of religion, culture and history, and mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims. That all Egyptians without distinction, are helped by the international community to find ways of peaceful coexistence. Each are guaranteed peace, education, health, housing and what is necessary for a human life worthy of the name. "

Returning to the exhortation of Pope Francis, "who prays and suffers for Egypt," Cardinal Sandri joins his "confident supplication for the beloved land of Egypt," entrusting "Egypt and all its inhabitants to the holy family, who was an exile in the land, considered over the centuries blessed and holy just for the hospitality received from the Redeemer. "
(Source: L'Osservatore Romano)


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