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The crisis in the Central African Republic continues to trouble the local Church

The on-going violence in Central African Republic continues to have a negative impact on the church in that country. Church buildings and churches have been a soft target for the Seleka rebels who have since March this year, taken over the administration of the country, after the overthrow of former president, François Bozize. Catholic News Agency, Fides, says that there is more violence and looting taking place against the Catholic Church in the Central African Republic. One example, According to Fides, are priests and religious nuns who have in the past few days been forced to run away from their homes in Bohong town in the west of the country and took refuge 80 km away in Bouar. The seleka rebels are reported to have ransacked the parish house and convent abandoned by the terrorized priests and nuns, and desecrated the church.
Close to 2, 400 people are believed to have been displaced in the central African republic because of the brutality and activities of the seleka rebels.
The archbishop of Bangui, Mons. Dieudonné Nzapalainga, who is also the president of the Episcopal conference of the CAR, visited the seriously affected areas in order to have first hand experience of what is taking place on the ground. Accompanying Archbishop Nzapalainga were representatives from the villages that are hosting the refugees and a Carmelite missionary Fr. Aurelio Gazzera, who has worked in the country for years, told Fides that even as the displaced people appreciated the solidarity of the Bishop, they reminded him that they needed peace and security more than anything else.


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