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Pope Francis calls on Christians to step out of themselves and go out to help others

In a tweet on Friday, through his handle @pontifex, Pope Francis asked God to teach Christians to go out of themselves and help others.
The pope wrote: “Lord, teach us to step outside ourselves. Teach us to go out into the streets and manifest your love.”
In his first general audience on the 28th of March, Pope Francis reminded the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square that “Following, accompanying Christ, remaining with Him requires a "stepping outside". He said the followers of Christ should step outside of a tired and routine way of living the faith, of the temptation to withdraw into pre-established patterns that end up closing our horizon to the creative action of God.
He said “God stepped outside of Himself to come among us, He pitched His tent among us to bring the mercy of God that saves and gives hope. Even if we want to follow Him and stay with Him, we must not be content to remain in the enclosure of the ninety-nine sheep, we have to "step outside", to search for the lost sheep together with Him, the one furthest away, the Pope said in his first general audience at the end of March.


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