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Religious leaders call for dialogue and cooperation to save Bangladesh

August 24, 2013 - In order to overcome Bangladesh's political deadlock and social crisis, the country needs unity, cooperation and dialogue among all its religions, according to an inter-faith seminar held in the capital, Dhaka. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian leaders exchanged ideas in front of an audience of about 100 people at the city’s BRAC centre. The meeting was organized by the Inter-Faith Dialogue Forum (IFDF) with the support of US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena. The seminar focused on what the different religions have in common like peace and unity. Catholic professor Mabel Gomes noted that Bangladesh was at a turning point where the image of the country could emerge as that of a moderate Islamic country, where religious and ethnic minorities live in harmony. She called for protecting and promoting the nation’s traditional heritage of different ethnic and religious groups who have lived and worked together, side by side, in peace and harmony for centuries. Imam Syed Zulfiquar Zahoor underscored that Islam is a "religion of peace" and true Muslims cannot attack other faiths because they cannot get Allah's blessings. (Source:AsiaNews )


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