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The International Council of Museums condemns the destructionof Churches in Egypt

The International Council of Museums has condemned the destruction and vandalism of the Egyptian churches and antiquities by the supporters of deposed president Mohammed Morsi. A statement released on Thursday by the Council’s 23rd General Conference in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, said the looting and burning of churches was a criminal act that violates international law on the respect reserved for places of worship. Similarly, the statement continued, the burning of churches is a destruction of cultural heritage. About 83 churches have been burnt around the country in the last days in retaliation against the move by Egyptian security agencies to close all the places which the supporters of Morsi have using for demonstrations to demand his release and reinstatement. Morsi was deposed by the army on July 3rd after more than 35 million Egyptians went to the streets to demand his resignation. Meanwhile, Human rights organisations around the world have called upon the interim government in Egypt to take the necessary steps to protect churches and religious institutions against attacks by Islamic radicals. They also appealed to the government to give special protection to Christian religious leaders including priests and the religious because they are being targeted by Morsi’s supporters.


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