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Colombia: FARC rebels ambush soldiers

(Vatican Radio) Colombia's main guerrilla army has ambushed and killed 13 soldiers in the East of the country- the second time this has happened in a month.

A terse Colombian Army statement describes what it terms a terrorist action by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- the FARC. It says two NCO's and eleven soldiers have died while another soldier was wounded. The attack happened in the Eastern Province of Araruca, the scene of another ambush last month which killed 15 soldiers.

Both sides are due to resume peace talks in Havana, Cuba, on Monday. Due to past FARC ploys, snatching breathing space to reinforce and regroup, the Colombian Government steadfastly refuses to agree to a ceasefire. The FARC have been back on the offensive since their Christmas truce expired.

The FARC broke off talks on Friday to study a proposal that the peace package be put to a referendum. Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos, who ordered his negotiators to withdraw, has now told them to return to the talks table.

The peace negotiations started in November. In a six point agenda, only land reform has been agreed.

Listen to James Blears report: RealAudioMP3


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