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Attacks against Christians in Tanzania continue

Reports from Tanzania say attacks against Christians and their places of worship by Islamic radicals are continuing despite promises by the government to take serious measures against the attackers. At the weekend a bomb was thrown into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam during a prayer service. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the altar and part of the church were destroyed. After, the attackers set fire on the pastor’s car and then fled. Police described the incident as a criminal attempt and promised to investigate. In May this year a bomb was thrown at a gathering of the faithful in the town of Arusha during a ceremony when the Apostolic nuncio was opening a new church. Three people were killed and more than 50 were seriously injured. In a related development a Moslem young man on the island of Zanzibar beat up and wounded a catholic nun last week allegedly after her dog attacked his hen and killed it. The matter was reported to the police. Police said at the weekend that they had released the young man after cautioning him.


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