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Christians paying a heavy price in the Egyptian conflict

Scores of churches and monasteries have been burned, looted, or destroyed by Morsi supporters, and several Christians have been killed in targeted violence.
The spokesperson of the Catholic bishops of Egypt, Fr. Rafic Greiche says although security conditions in much of Egypt are improving the situation in Giza and Al Minya remains the same. In a recent statement to the Catholic News agency, FIDES, Fr. Greiche reported the assault against a Coptic Orthodox monastery in a small village near Al Minya.
He said that a group of people attacked the monastery and beat the monks, who were later hospitalized and one of them is still being taken care of in hospital. Fr. Greiche Stressed the fact that it is not always easy for the police to move in areas such as Minya, where Christians are always on the alert for the presence of various jihadist groups.
Minya is one of the places that in the 90s experienced a substantial number of terrorist attacks. The priest says the geography of the area favors the movements jihadist groups often formed by Bedouin families who move easily, and can hide in the nearby mountains".


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